Now You Can Go to The Dentist…

Fear of the dentist is real. In a recent worldwide study, 61% of people suffer from dental fear. However, about 10% of people have an acute fear of the dentist known as odontophobia. It is an irrational and overwhelming fear of the dentist.

So if you are afraid of going to the dentist, you are not alone.

Here at Balbriggan Dental and Facial Clinic, we are here to help so you do not have to be afraid any more.

How we help
We know that it can be a huge issue when people don’t go the dentist. Their oral health suffers and for many, they only arrive at the dentist when the pain is so intense and it is often too late for preventative medicine.

We help you avoid that situation. Here’s how:

1. Our clinic has been designed to encourage a relaxing experience. Gone are the stark days of old with their hard, uncomfortable chairs while you wait nervously reading magazines 10 years old.

That is the complete opposite of our clinic. All our staff are trained to make you feel 110% comfortable.

2. Every patient is unique. We work with you to decide a treatment plan at a pace that suits you.

3. We offer a variety of sedation treatments to help you. We are one of the few practices in Ireland which offers intravenous sedation. Rest assured that our sedation practitioners are experts.

Dental sedation is a very safe technique. It is typically used for long procedures but it works equally well for patients who have a fear of dentist, limited mouth-opening and poor gag reflex. It works really well to relieve anxiety.

If you think you’d benefit from sedation, please get in touch today. We’re here to help.