Because Everyone Deserves a Lovely Smile

When we talk about orthodontics, it comes down to one thing – the alignment of teeth. Everyone’s teeth grows differently, some as they grow are perfectly in line while others simply don’t.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a perfect set of teeth and a smile that you can be proud of.

Here at Balbriggan Dental and Facial Clinic, there are a number of different treatments that can be advised – fixed braces, invisalign and six month smiles. Come in and talk with us to decide which is best for you.

Orthodontic treatments are not just for children. While orthodontic issues maybe best treated before a person’s mouth has finished forming, this is not a reason to accept crooked teeth. As an adult, there are many solutions that can be discussed to suit your individual circumstances.

The first place to start is to call us. Book an appointment and speak to one of our highly-skilled practitioners. Our job is to put you at ease.

Next, we’ll do a detailed analysis of your mouth and analyse your malocclusion and any associated problems you have. Malocclusion is just another word for misaligned teeth. While we typically try not speak in dental jargon, this is one word that you’ll get used to hearing.

Third, we’ll put a plan in place that suits you, not us, you. You are our priority and that includes scheduling regular appointments over the course of the treatment that suit you.

Book an appointment today.


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