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Because Everyone Deserves a Lovely Smile

When we talk about orthodontics, it comes down to one thing – the alignment of teeth. Everyone’s teeth grows differently, some as they grow are perfectly in line while others simply don’t.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a perfect set of teeth and a smile that you can be proud of.

Here at Balbriggan Dental and Facial Clinic, there are a number of different treatments that can be advised – fixed braces, invisalign and six month smiles. Come in and talk with us to decide which is best for you.

Orthodontic treatments are not just for children. While orthodontic issues maybe best treated before a person’s mouth has finished forming, this is not a reason to accept crooked teeth. As an adult, there are many solutions that can be discussed to suit your individual circumstances.

The first place to start is to call us. Book an appointment and speak to one of our highly-skilled practitioners. Our job is to put you at ease.

Next, we’ll do a detailed analysis of your mouth and analyse your malocclusion and any associated problems you have. Malocclusion is just another word for misaligned teeth. While we typically try not speak in dental jargon, this is one word that you’ll get used to hearing.

Third, we’ll put a plan in place that suits you, not us, you. You are our priority and that includes scheduling regular appointments over the course of the treatment that suit you.

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If you find that any of your teeth look "crooked" you have mouth over-crowding or gaps between you teeth - Orthodontic Treatment may produce the results you want. Your Free no obligation consultation with our specialist orthodontic Dr Laura will determine the best orthodontic treatment for you. During your free consultation the best option of treatment for you will be discussed along with the likely time-frame.
This will depend on your clinical circumstances at your consultation you will get an accurate timeline for your treatment, which is usually between 18-24months.
Braces will apply steady pressure to the teeth to allow for movement. You may have some initial mild discomfort as the wires are adjusted after each visit. Please also allow for the need for possible teeth extractions to allow space for the remaining teeth to re-align.
No. You can have either upper or lower adjusted if required.
You need to avoid hard sweets/ toffees, and sticky foods. Some staining may occur with currys and coffee. regular teeth cleaning and oral hygiene is essential during treatment.
The clear aligner trays are barely noticeable. This is beneficial for people who may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about wearing braces. You can brush and eat as normal without having to use a specialist brush for cleaning or to avoid eating sticky foods. Invisalign is more comfortable to wear as no wires or brackets are positioned in the mouth.
You need to wear your Invisalign aligner for most of the day. Removing only to eat / brush your teeth and floss.
Overall, normal treatment time periods are between 12-18 months.
Our experienced Specialist Orthodontist has been treating patients for over 15 years. Special practice payment plans, 0% finance / no hidden charges are available over your treatment period. Check out "Easy Finance" options with the Progressive Credit Union. Complimentary teeth whitening available on completion of your orthodontic treatment.
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About our Specialist Orthodontist

I am a specialist orthodontist, having qualified from the Faculty of Dentistry in Timisoara, Romania as a dentist in 2005 and have completed my specialist training in Orthodontics in 2008. Since then, I have worked in private practices across Europe.

My main interest in Dentistry has always been Orthodontics, as this is a specialty that has a huge impact not only on people’s oral health, but also on their self-perception and social life. Because Orthodontics doesn’t only change teeth, it changes faces

My main focus are children and teens where their growth potential, if well managed, can lead to favourable results but at the same time, adult cases can be equally challenging and satisfying.

Achieving great results requires hard work, skills and determination and I am determined to continue to learn and improve myself through using innovative techniques and appliances and through continuous professional development courses that I regularly attend.

On a personal level, I like music, reading, travelling and am very happy to live close to the sea.


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