our staff are qualified to the highest of professional standards

Dr. Colin Lynam
Dr. Colin LynamDental Surgeon
Dr Colin Lynam quailified fom the University of Wales, College of Medicine in 2003. He completed a Vocational training qualification in Scotland over the following year. Having worked in his father PJ Lynam’s practice in Swords, he opened his own practice in Balbriggan in 2005.
Jamie O Dougherty
Jamie O DoughertyDentist (B.D.S)
I qualified with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree from Cork University Dental School and Hospital in 2016. I was awarded the ‘College Scholar’ title based on exam performance.

I have three years of clinical experience in North Dublin practicing general dentistry for private and GMS scheme patients. From my previous experience I developed an interest in removable prosthodontics (dentures), helping put a smile on people’s faces in addition to restoring the smile. I always bring a calm demeanor to the clinic which tends to rub off on my patients and I’m a very good listener. Following Covid I’m keen to undertake clinical specialization.

My biggest passion outside of work is travel and networking. I love to explore different places and cultures and always return home a little wiser. I’ve been interested in music from a young age and enjoy amateur performance on sax or piano.

Laura Beschiu
Laura BeschiuSpecialist Orthodontist
I am a specialist orthodontist, having qualified from the Faculty of Dentistry in Timisoara, Romania as a dentist in 2005 and have completed my specialist training in Orthodontics in 2008. Since then, I have worked in private practices across Europe.

My main interest in Dentistry has always been Orthodontics, as this is a specialty that has a huge impact not only on people’s oral health, but also on their self perception and social life. Because Orthodontics doesn’t only change teeth, it changes faces.

My main focus are children and teens where their growth potential, if well managed, can lead to favorable results but at the same time, adult cases can be equally challenging and satisfying.

Achieving great results requires hard work, skills and determination and I am determined to continue to learn and improve myself through using innovative techniques and appliances and through continuous professional development courses that I regularly attend.

On a personal level, I like music, reading, travelling and am very happy to live close to the sea.

Dr. Haitham Bashara
Dr. Haitham BasharaOral Surgeon, Periodontist, Implantologist
Qualified with honors from the Tripoli Dental School and Hospital in July 1999. He then completed his masters in Periodontology & Implantology AR Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College in 2005. Following this Dr Bashara received his PhD in Periodontology and Implantology from Trinity College Dublin University in 2013.

Dr Bashara specialises in the following treatments.
– Implant placement
– Periodontal surgery (flap and advance)
– Wisdom teeth extraction
– Pathological lesions excision and biopsy
– Conventional periodontal treatment
– Surgical treatment of periodontal disease: various mucogingival flap procedures, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty.
– Dental tissue procedures include root resection and tooth hemisection

As well as being a very accomplished specialist, Dr Bashara has also taught postgraduates students in Ireland/Libya/Bahrain and is a trainer in the membership of general dentistry Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Ioan Beschiu
Ioan BeschiuDentist (B.D.S)
I qualified as a dentist in 2005 from the University of Medicine in Timisoara, Romania. I have over 15 years experience in dentistry, starting as a house officer in Hospital Dental Emergency Unit, over 8 years in my own private practice in Romania and over 5 years in various practices in North-West England and Ireland.

I always strived to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge in new techniques and technology in general dentistry and, together with my specialist colleagues, we work towards the patients best interests.

In my free time I enjoy travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. James Rooney
Dr. James RooneyDentist (B.D.S) Aesthetic Practitioner
James is a dedicated member of the team who has a strong interest in cosmetic dentistry. He also has a postgraduate degree in facial aesthetics.
Aoife Davis
Aoife DavisHygienist
General Dentistry
Advanced Dentistry
Facial Aesthetics