Say Goodbye to Ill-Fitting Dentures and Hello Confident Smile

Dental implants are an amazing piece of science. Once when teeth were pulled or had fallen out, there were only two things that could be done…dentures or no dentures. Dentures are uncomfortable for many people yet the alternative is glaring gaps in the teeth.

Dental implants are simply a revolution in dentistry. A dental implant is just as its name suggests, a tooth implanted in your jawbone. Well it’s actually a post, like a root, implanted in your jawbone and the skilled practitioner applies a replacement tooth or a bridge on top of the implant. It’s permanent, it’s not attached to any other teeth and it doesn’t come loose.

At Balbriggan Dental and Facial Clinic, due to our investment in state of the art technology, we are delighted to offer dental implants as part of our range of cosmetic dentistry

Who are Dental Implants Ideal for?
People with loose or missing teeth may be suitable candidates for implant treatment. However, even if you have missing teeth or have loose teeth and seem perfect for dental implants, the truth is that they may not work for you. You need enough healthy gums and jawbone capacity for implants to be implanted properly.

Dental implants do suit a lot of people, but they don’t suit everyone. …and we’ll tell you that when you book a consultation with us. If we think it’s not going to work, then we’ll tell you out straight and advise another option.

With dental implants, ongoing, regular maintenance checks are essential. It sets you up for a lasting smile and helps prevent infection.

Here’s how we work with our clients:

1. Book a consultation. Nothing beats a conversation with a skilled expert about your teeth. No two mouths are the same so we want to talk to you about you.

2. We’ll do a detailed analysis of your mouth, your gum tissue and jawbone structure. Then we can advise you on the correct course of action for you.

3. We’ll put a plan in place that suits you, not us, you. You are our priority and that includes scheduling regular appointments over the course of the treatment that suit you.

Book an appointment today. It’s your first step to having the smile you want.


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